Program Information

We serve students ages 5 to 14 before and after school & summer.

Our purpose is to provide enrichment opportunities in a safe and caring environment.

Our mission is to promote Resiliency, Integrity and Life Skills and our activities embrace these concepts.

Please Send Snacks With Your Child If Desired

Parents will please send water and a snack with their child if they desire.  

The positive with this situation- you control what your child is served!

Specialized Programs

Hopefully we can start having specialists return next school year to  come in one day a week to provide added activity choices.  Prior to covid we had yoga teacher and arts and crafts /service leader and PE Leader at ACES.  

If there is some other specialist you would like to see amidst all our other activities, please email us or leave us a note at the site. 


Our TVES site is located on the far east end of the Tanque Verde Elementary Campus

Our ACES site is located on the portable on the Northwest side of the Agua Caliente Elementary Campus.  In the near future, we may move to the former kindergarten wing.

Jr High students can take a bus over to TVES afterschool with certain restrictions. 

The bus from Emily Gray to TVES afterschool is BUS #33 (could change for fall 2024