Schedules & Billing

Billing for monthly schedules is done before the 1st and due by first day each month.  For daily attendees it is done every Thursday or Friday and must be paid before the next week starts.

We are not able to take any drop-ins on Early release days.  All changes must be made by Wednesday of the preceding week to get credit (if you are daily ).  The exception is fall, winter and spring break full days off.  That deadline is almost a month ahead.

Also, there is no credit for missed days.  If a child is  sick day more than 2 days we can start the credit on the 3rd day as long as you have let us know in a timely manner. We would then require a doctors note.

You can choose either the daily or monthly rate. You must pick that option for the entire school year. The monthly rate includes all school days, plus the day before Thanksgiving. The break mini -camps must be signed up for and paid separately and marked correctly on your calendar (both daily and monthly schedules)

During the summer we will first enroll full time weekly attendees and then daily with available spots in each age group.

The entire school year or summer calendar is due when enrolling. You can make changes once a month but they must be done by Wednesday of the prior week for regular school days.

Daily payer schedules -Please write YES OR NO on any full days off that we are open. 

Monthly payer schedules - Please fill out the appropriate days on the camp/break section of your calendar and mark any absences you know on the calendar provided.

School breaks necessitate a tighter deadline for changes as outlined at the bottom of the page and will be attached to the new school year calendar.